2 Things Pujols Does to Hit the Outside Pitch

The best way to learn is to ask the best. And the best at hitting the outside pitch with authority is Albert Pujols. I stumbled across this video a few days ago and it gives some awesome insight from Pujols’ himself into how he attacks the outside part of the plate.

A few days ago at baseball’s Spring Training for the St.Louis Cardinals, Pujols shows up to his first day in the cage and meets up with his new hitting coach, Mark McGwire…

Learning From the Best

Pujols admits he isn’t ad scared this time around to talk to McGwire about hitting (remember, in 2001, Pujols was still a young kid and McGwire was the Big Mac). What an awesome conversation between two great hitters…and how have the tables turned. You find McGwire asking most of the questions, wondering how Pujols has had so much success. Check out the video…you just might get some insight into what makes the league’s best hitter…well…the league’s best hitter.

Pujols’ Keys to Hitting the Outside Pitch

  1. Pujols changes his approach with 2 strikes
  2. Pujols has taught himself to wait and let every pitch get deep in the zone

A 2 strike approach is something far too many hitters are lacking…and I admit, I struggled with it too. I think the fear is by having a “shorter” swing with 2 strikes limits the hitter’s power…and what guy wants to slap a single to right field? Well, the statistics show how poorly we do with 2 strikes, unless you’re looking at Pujols. Obviously…he’s doing something right if he’s 3rd in the league in hitting with 2 strikes…

He’s the best in the game at hitting the ball where it’s pitched. Meaning, you pitch him inside, he hits it to left-field. Pitch him outside, he hits it to right-field. This is done by letting the ball get deep. By not letting the barrel get too far out in front of you before contact.

Check out the video in our post: Pujols vs. McGwire


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